Friday, January 03, 2014

Breakfast at Kanna

Before I start, a very Happy New Year to all the readers of my blog. 

I first featured Kanna Curry House about 3 years ago. And since then, I have been back there many many times and had never been disappointed. Today I write about their breakfasts.

Kanna Curry House in P.J. Section 17 had a major face-lift not too long ago. They moved one shop away from the previous corner lot, and they now occupy 4 shop lots - with air conditioned and non-air conditioned sections, and a much better ambiance.

To recap, their Section 17 branch is on Jalan 17/45, in a quiet secluded area of Petaling Jaya. I have also been to their branch outlet in Bandar Puchong Jaya, which was also very nice with a large outdoor dining area. And I understand they have a 3rd outlet in Bandar Sri Menjalara in Kepong.

Our recent visits to Kanna have been mostly for breakfasts. It has been almost like a new discovery, for the breakfasts there are so very satisfying.

I like their roti canai. They are wonderful - crispy (garing) on the outside, and soft and fluffy on the inside. They taste delicious. I always go for the roti biasa (normal roti). Having an egg (roti telor) or onion (roti bawang), or any other ingredient in the roti would mask the original authentic flavour of the roti canai.

A single roti canai would not be enough for me. I normally would have a thosai as well. The thosai there is superb. Like the roti canai, it is crispy and fluffy at the same time. I think they got the floor mixture just right. But if I have to eat just one, I think I would still go for the roti canai.

Ah, the vadai. They are a must for breakfasts there. I think they make the best vadai in town. Every time we are there, we would pick up a few first and munch on them while waiting for our other orders. And believe you me, they are vadais like no others. The best vadais ever.

All these are eaten with some nice gravies and curries. I like their dhal very much. It is thick and cooked just right. The other gravies in the triple buckets are fish and meat curries.

Vadais and thosai are best eaten with some coconut chutney. The chutney here is thick and creamy. The chutney and dhal make are a good combination for Indian meals.

This is my perfect Indian breakfast - a roti canai, a thosai, a vadai with coconut chutney, dhal and meat curry. Salivate, no?

And of course, you can have other breakfast fares as well. Like a nasi lemak bungkus - which is really not bad at all.

Or some meats to go with your carbos. My favourite is still the deep fried tenggiri. The fish is always so fresh, it breaks up in flakes.

The fried chicken is another favourite in Kanna.

They all go wonderfully well with a nice glass of the teh tarik.

Just don't forget - kurang manis.

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  1. I totally agree..Roti Biasa is the way to go....anything else like telur and bawang or sardine or pisang just spoils the the original taste...