Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Kanna Curry House

Whenever I have a craving for Indian banana leaf, I head to Kanna Curry House. I first experienced Kanna about 3 years ago and since then, banana leaf means Kanna for me.

Kanna is tucked at a corner of Section 17 in PJ, on Jalan 17/45. It is quiet and secluded, and yet it is in a busy part of PJ. It is on an elevated land opposite the Nanking Court Vegetarian Restaurant in Section 19, in the vicinity of Green View and Lisa de Inn. To get there, drive along Jalan Universiti from the International Islamic University towards the Rothmans roundabout. At the roundabout, take the 3 o'clock turn into Jalan Harapan. Drive towards the end of Jalan Harapan, ignoring the busy left turn to SS2. At the end of Jalan Harapan, turn right and immediately right again into a side road, which is Jalan 17/45.

Kanna offers 3 dining environments. They have an air conditioned area which I found to be rather stuffy.

An non air cond area.

And an outdoor garden area which is my preference. The garden is very pleasant. It is shaded by trees and overlooks the busy Jalan Harapan to SS2 junction. It is a nice eating here, kind of an elevated seclusion in the midst of busy PJ.

Kanna serves nice curries - chicken, mutton, fish, sotong, shrimps, etc. I normally go there for lunch and find the food very fresh.

They also have fried stuffs, which they do per your order. You pick your fish, chicken, crab, etc...


And they fry it there and then.

I had the usual banana leaf with all the veges and plenty of papadam. I also had a fried chicken drumstick, a piece of fried tenggiri (mackerel) and we shared a plate of masala mutton. The chicken and the fish were very good and very fresh. The fried tenggiri was so fresh that it broke in flakes. I found the rasam (a spicy sour soup) very nice and refreshing, with a good oomph. And the deep fried salted chillis were wonderful. They went so well with the meal. The gravy - dhall and chicken curry flavoured a very delicious meal.

At the end of the meal, it is an Indian tradition that you indicate your satisfaction by the manner you fold your banana leaf. If you enjoy the meal, you fold the leaf towards you. If you dislike it, you fold it away. My leaf was folded accordingly so...
Banana leaf lunches are always so heavy. After such a meal, oxygen deprivation in your brain sets in and the next indulgence should be a good afternoon nap. Unfortunately I did not have that luxury that day.

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