Sunday, December 27, 2009

Ipoh Funny Mountain smoothie

Everybody loves a smoothie. And when we want one, we head to a 7-eleven. No convenient store can make anything as smooth as Funny Mountain in Ipoh. But I am not talking about ice cream or yogurt. I am talking tau fu fah.

This corner place in Ipoh serves the smoothest, nicest tau fu fah I have tasted for a long long time. The place is not even a shop - too small to be one. It is a little corner at the end of a row of shops at Jalan Dato Tahwil Azar in Ipoh. The place has a unique name - Funny Mountain Soya Bean. Jalan Dato Tahwil Azar runs parallel to Jalan Yang Kalsom, and the corner is not very far from the famous Lou Wong Chicken Rice. The corner is so small, it has hardly enough space for the 2 to 3 workers running the business.

The tau fu fah they serve was heavenly. It was so smooth that it almost slipped pass my mouth, right down my throat. The corner is quite traditional in the sweetening. They use only white sugar syrup, distinctly pandan flavored. The rich pandan taste reminded me so much of the tau fu fah I used to eat when I was a young lad. In the old days, tau fu fah was served only with the same rich white pandan-flavored syrup. There was no brown sugar or gula melaka that are so commonly used nowadays.

The servings are small - really small. They come in tiny bowls. I had 2 servings and came out not entirely sated. Each bowl is 80 cents.

The corner has some benches along a five-foot way for their customers. But seats are limited and because of its popularity, a lot of the customers slurp down their bowls on their feet. Or you can drive up to the corner and enjoy your tau fu fah in the comfort of your car. They serve your bowl right up to you.

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