Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The place to get some decent kuih nyonya

This stall in a coffee shop in SS15 Subang Jaya offers a good variety of kuih nyonya. (I was undecided whether to call it kuih nyonya or nyonya kuih. Since I am borrowing the Malay term, kuih nyonya it is.)

The stall is found in Kwai Sun coffee shop on Jalan SS15/4G. I went there one morning with my camera and asked the Chinese man running the stall if I could take some pictures. He was most obliging. I told him I was going to post him in my blog. I am not sure if he knows what a blog is. A lady at the next stall was quietly amused.

His stall had a colourful display of various kuih nyonya. They were mostly kept in neat plastic containers. They are sold averagely for RM1.50 per pack. Some were sold loose. I recognised some of them - kuih lapis, kuih talam, onde-onde, etc. Some look looked new to me. They all looked very good.

I asked the man for the name of some of the kuih. He couldn't tell me. "My customers normally do not ask me the names," he said.

The man was very nice. In the process of my picture taking, he offered me some samples of his CNY cookies and sweet meat. I ended buying more kuih than I needed from him that morning.

The ketayap is one of my favourites. They were 3 small pieces in the pack. The coconut filling was full and firm. Very delicious.

The onde-onde were also good. Lots of coconut shavings on the outside. The gula melaka inside was perhaps slightly lacking. Would be better if there was more.

The mochi were available with red bean or peanut fillings. I prefer the peanut. The skin was nice and soft - even when eaten the next day.

I also bought a tapioca kuih, recommended by the man.  I do not know the name. Neither did he. It was colourful and very nice. Soft and distinctly tapioca flavoured.

The man told me that the kuih are made by one Aroma Nyonya Kueh in OUG Industrial Park. They have a website here. I guess they distribute their kuih elsewhere to other outlets. Look out for them.

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  1. oo i c..i just been there today. Love it. The kuih so nice