Thursday, July 08, 2010

Organic vegetarian

This place is a mini-market, grocery store, chup fun (饭) stall and cafe - all in one. And it is vegetarian and organic. For the health die-hard, this place seems like a paradise.

The paradise is known as Organic Vegetarian Fresh Market & Restaurant on Jalan SS 18/1B in Subang Jaya. The place occupies 2 shop lots - one for retailing organic vegetarian products, and the the other is a small cafe.

The shop is tremendously popular. As you enter the place, you see shelves and shelves of vegetarian organics products. They look very interesting. The variety is unbelievable. I was initially skeptical if they were all organic. I took a closer look and indeed they were all labeled organic and vegetarian. I have never seen so many types of organic vegetarian products in one place.

At the back of the store is a cold room. In it are fresh vegetables and fruits - all organic or supposedly so.

The cashiers are located between the 2 shop lots. There were 2 of them. In the time we were there, I could see them working non-stop. The business is that very good. I didn't know there are so many organic vegetarians or health enthusiasts in Subang Jaya.

Pass the cashiers, you are in the restaurant. There is a chup fun (饭) counter opposite the cashiers. The selection is reasonably good. There are vegetables, pseudo meats, noodles, curries, tofu, spring rolls and even some sushis. All organic of course. It is self service, Malaysian style. An Indonesian girl sums up your helpings and gives a slip with which you pay after your meal.

The restaurant section is tastefully decorated. Simple and nice.

If you do not want the chup fun, you could order from a menu. It is quite a comprehensive menu. You can get the various types of noodles, udon, fried rice, rojak, sushi, soups, etc. There is even vegetarian bak kut teh. One item that is quite popular is the lui cha (擂茶). We ordered the lui cha and opted to select our meal from the chup fun counter.

The lui cha (擂茶) is a Hakka concoction. It is a mixture of vegetables, nuts and herbs, served with a bowl of thick green tea heavily flavored with mint and more herbs. You mix the two together into a kind of half salad, half broth.

I did not quite like the lui cha. Perhaps it is an acquired taste. I should had tried the BKT instead. The servings from the chup fun counter did not taste that great as well. They were rather bland. Still the place is always packed.

Like they say, good stuffs do not normally taste great. And if you looking for a place to get wholesome and healthy organic vegetarian meals and products, you have got it.

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