Friday, June 17, 2011

The Food Foundry

The Food Foundry is an unpretentious restaurant in Section 17, PJ that serves very acceptable western meals at affordable prices. It does not boast being a gourmet haven, just priding itself as the neighbourhood's food provider.

It is located at the bottom of a block of flats at BG-8, Happy Mansion on Jalan 17/13, PJ - not far from Choon Yien char siew place and My Elephant Thai restaurant. The restaurant has 2 dinning areas. It is very basic with a random assortment of tables and chairs. It is not air conditioned and is almost without any dining ambiance. Yet it is comfortable and relaxing and a nice place to have a meal.

The menu was a clip board with pages that had seen better days. It could not be more unpretentious than this. But what's more important was the food therein. And we were not disappointed.

My lamb chop was delicious. It was well done; yet the meat was tender and juicy with a nice gravy. It was to be served with baked potatoes, but I opted for fries instead. I asked for some mint sauce, but they did not have any. What a shame. Lamb has to be eaten with some mint. The other regret was that the dish was devoid of any greens. Some vege or salad would had made it more complete.

This was pan fried dory. It was served with some very nice looking veges - cauliflower, mushrooms, broccoli and carrots. I am not sure what the white gravy was. I did not have a taste of it. Whatever it was, it did look good.

The Moroccan lamb shank looked awesome. And tasted likewise too. Crystal opted for this dish and she enjoyed it thoroughly. It was served with the same veges as the dory fish. It sat on a serving of mashed potato and the gravy flowing down onto it made it look very appetizing indeed.

This was the chicken chop. Or was it the Chicken Maryland? I really cannot remember. This is as interesting as fried chicken can be. It looked rather dry, served with fries, slaw and a white sauce. I apologize for the poor description. I did not have a taste of it.

The Foundry offers a variety of pastas. SP had this marinara. I had a taste of it. It was good. The spaghetti was soft and springy. The gravy was rich and it was served with generous portions of seafood. I think I will go for pasta on my next visit there.

We ordered this Caesars Salad to share. It was superb and was gone in no time. It wasn't a small serving; just that it was so very good. I particularly like the generous sprinkling of nice crunchy croutons that felt so good with the greens.

This place is apparently famous for its mille crepe. I wasn't even aware of it until Crystal ordered it for dessert. They looked like ordinary pieces of cakes but they were actually layers of thin crepes with cream-like flavorings in between. The taste was heavenly. They offer mille crepes in different favors - mango, vanilla, chocolate, etc. Crystal tar pau (打包 or took away) a couple more pieces and the pleasure continued at home. When you are at the Foundry, do not forget their mille crepes.

Coffee was the finale of a satisfying evening of western dining.

The Food Foundry was simple, yet very nice. Places like this can be easily overlooked. The humble Happy Mansions of Section 17 have provided quite a few good and worthwhile makan places. There is another place that seemed quite popular and apparently good. I think you will hear more from these Section 17 flats in this blog.

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