Sunday, February 26, 2012

Eddy's Cooking in Melbourne

We have just returned from Melbourne. We were there to help Crystal settle down in her Monash campus in Gippsland. The hospitality we received in Melbourne was awesome. Alan most graciously let us use his car - a Honda Accord Euro - great vehicle. Eddy and Bee were wonderful hosts. We had comfortable lodgings and marvelous meals and a wonderful time.

Eddy is a great cook. He enjoys doing it. He often cooks for his workmates. In the course of our week's stay, we relished many of his dishes. This posting is a tribute to his skills and hospitality.

On the second evening of our visit, he whipped up a storm of a meal. He had a few friends over and we had a whale of a time - not just the food but the very good company.

His master piece that evening was without doubt the sambal petai prawn. Yes, we had petai in Melbourne. The sambal was genuine and the petai were big and fresh. So were the prawns. Fabulous!

And the mussels. They were big and fresh and cooked in a very nice spicy sauce. Yummy.

The curry fish head was prepared by Joyce. The fish was very fresh.

This was the teriyaki chicken. 

And some deep fried mackerel to complete the meal. 

One morning we took it easy and slept in. When we got up in the late morning and Eddy was ready to cook us breakfast ala Penang. It was char koay teow. The koay teow was individually fried; with prawns, taugeh, egg and even chives. It was pity they do not have 'see hum' ( cockles) in Melbourne. It would had made his CKT perfect and complete. 

On another day, we were waiting for another friend Nee to go out for brunch. Eddy came back from morning marketing. "Why eat out?" he said. "I will cook Hainanese chicken rice." With a short time, our brunch was like this...
A plate of pan cham kai ((白斬雞)

Tau yew bak ( soy sauce pork) with some eggs.

And curry squid.

I forgot to take a close up of the rice. It was indeed Hainanese style - fluffy, aromatic and delicious. It was complete with the traditional garlic chili sauce and chicken soup. 

In Melbourne, it was home away from home. Thank you Eddy and Bee.

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