Monday, May 28, 2012

Sunrise Duck

Roast duck... next to chicken rice, this is probably Malaysia's second most popular Chinese food. I totally share this liking. There is a restaurant dedicated solely to this delicious meat. Sunrise Restaurant is located in the busy PJ Sea Park town centre along Jalan 21/1, opposite and not far from the Sea Park KFC.

This makan joint is immensely popular. They are open only for lunch - Tuesdays to Sundays, from 11.30am until sold out.

We arrived about 11.15am on a public holiday and the place packed. The restaurant was already doing a roaring business. We joined a queue. Fortunately we were not very far from the front. As we waited, the queue grew longer. One family attempted to jump the line. They were gently shooed back to the end by the shop proprietors.

The shop is very basic. It is more like a coffee shop than a restaurant. Malaysian shopkeepers use the term "Restoran" too liberally. A lot of them do not qualify to be one. 

At the front of the shop was the food counter. Therein hung several roast ducks. And a lady was chopping them up like crazy.

We ordered half a bird. I thought it was too much for 2 of us. But it really wasn't. Perhaps it was because it was the only substantial dish of the meal. The duck was delicious. I could see why it was so popular. The skin was super crispy and the meat retained the delicious duck flavor. The roast was done excellently. 

There is only one other place that I can think of that serves roast duck of this quality - Bayswater at the Empire Shopping Gallery in Subang Jaya. I think these 2 places are neck-to-neck for first place.

We ordered a dish of blanched glass lettuce. This was the only other dish they serve in this "restaurant". And I was sure glad they do. There had to be some greens for a meal this meaty.

Rice was served with complimentary bowls of soup. The soup that day was hum choy duck (咸菜鸭 - salt vegetable and duck). I was not the least surprised at the choice of soup. The soup was way too salty and sour - hardly drinkable. 

The meal was simple but good and delicious. I recommend this to meat lovers. But I do not have good memories of the meal. For as we drove away from the restaurant, I got horribly sick.

No, no... don't get me wrong. It had nothing to do with the meal. Certainly not because of anything I ate.

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