Friday, August 17, 2012

Ramadan Bazaar 2012

Our Ramadan bazaar walk this year was in Taman Tun Dr Ismail. We drove to TTDI and entered Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 3, thinking that we would park our car a good distant away from the bazaar to avoid the congestion. The Ramadan bazaar in TTDI used to be located along Jalan Wan Kadir, near the VADS building (ex IBM). What we didn't know was that they shifted the bazaar to Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 3. So we drove speck into the centre of all the actions. But we were lucky. One kind soul was just leaving and we slotted into his parking space at the fringe of the bazaar.

The weather was also kind to us that Sunday evening. It was a bit overcast and wasn't scorching. Still I was drenched at the end of our walk.

Sunday is also pasar malam night in TTDI. I think they assimilated the Ramadan bazaar into the pasar malam. One side of the road was the bazaar. The other side was the pasar malan selling fruits, vegetables and the usual pasar malam stuffs. 

There were even some fireworks stalls to add on to the festive mood.

The first food we encountered was this Turkish doner kebab in pita bread stall operated by the 2 ladies. The kebab looked very dry and even over-burnt. We bought a piece and it wasn't bad at all.

The normal Malay nasi bungkus.

This nasi briyani looked very good. I couldn't resist. Fortunately I bought only one packet, for it did not turn out to be great. 

This man declared that his buns were the best in KL - made by his wife. He had various flavours - coconut, cream caramel, etc. My wife bought a packet. Again it was one packet too many. The buns were soggy and the fillings inadequate. Not even near to good.

I believe these nasi dagang and nasi kerabu could be nice. It was very popular. We did not buy any.

Were these nasi ayam? It was fried chicken in nasi tomato (I think). Perhaps nasi hybrid.

What were these? Beef, chicken or fish deep fried in a batter. No we did not try.

Laksa Johor...

This little girl was selling nasi goreng (fried rice). They looked very nice, especially the nasi goreng ikan masin (salted fish fried rice). But we did not buy.

Ah... keropok, lekor... They are my favourites. Still we did not buy any. Regrets.

These apom looked better than they tasted. The core was too thick. By the time we took them home, the "skin" had lost its crispiness. 

I love lemang. I really regret that I didn't get any. I must get some before the Raya season is over.

Ayam percik... they looked nice.

These kebabs were perhaps the best food we bought in the bazaar. We got 2 sticks - one lamb and one chicken. They were delicious. But look at the pan...

Samosa and curry puffs. 

Popiahs by the dozens.

And of course, satays.

This was a soto ayam and soup stall. He had a big container of boiling soup that looked very good. We bought a packet of the chicken soup. It was a big disappointment. The soup tasted of ikan bilis. The so-called "sup ayam" was obviously flavoured by ikan bilis. I felt cheated.

Yong tau fu...

"Jus durian asli - yang pertama di Malaysia". No we didn't try.

Kueh muih - very popular for breaking of fast.

Vadai, spring rolls, donuts, curry puffs. This guy was screaming his head off. But not many people bought from him.

Murtabak is a popular food during Ramadan. There were so many stalls selling the stuff. We bought one chicken piece. I don't remember from which stall. It was absolutely the worse murtabak I had ever tasted.

Keropok, murukku and crispy munchies of different varieties.

I was very curious what these triangular packings were. The guy told me it was otak-otak. I bought 3 of them. Otak-otak my foot. Did not look like otak-otak. Did not taste like otak-otak. They were terrible. They were greyish lumps of I-don't-know-what. Yucks!

I don't remember what these are called. Bought some for dessert. Not too bad.

Bubur lambuk and rendang.

Ikan bakar utara. Was she posing for me or did she had enough of nosy photographers?

Apam balik was another popular food. Several stalls offered this.

Finally, drinks of all varieties.

And then we inched our way out of the car park and went home for dinner.

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