Friday, September 07, 2012

Birthday Roast Lamb

To commemorate Crystal's attainment of suffrage, we decided to host a small makan-makan at our home. We got a canopy erected at our porch and some tables and chairs. One thing led to another. What we had intended to be a small gathering eventually turned out to be a full blown party.

It was her party and her night. We had our family members and close relatives over, and a group of her friends. The parents did not get to invite any of their friends.

The theme of the night was roast lamb. The last time I had this delicious animal was in SP's place. That was more than 2 years ago. So I was really looking forward to the treat.

Mrs Wong and her husband run a catering business, specialising only on one dish - roast lamb. She came to our place at about 2.00pm to set up her roasting equipment. The lamb was from New Zealand. It appeared to be marinated and was skewered whole over a simmering charcoal fire.

The roasting took about 4 hours. It was a slow deliberate process. Mrs Wong was there to periodically turn it over. Eventually it was this beautiful golden brown, mouth-watering roast of a lamb.

What a beautiful sight. Who can resist a roast like this?

After the guests had arrived, Mrs Wong started to carve the animal. The first bites were heavenly. It was hot, juicy and succulent. The meat was tender and aromatic. It is not easy to describe the taste of freshly roast lamb. Total culinary delight.

We had other dishes to supplement the meat. They were mostly home made. SP brought this pot of spaghetti.

LV fried this meehoon.

And LL made these drum stick roasts.

Crystal made this lovely potato salad herself. "Why do I need to cook on my own birthday?" she complained.

More salad and rocket to accompany the meat.

Vegetable dips.

We also ordered some kuehs from Nyonya Colors. They delivered - COD. The kuehs were nicely packed. They were delicious.

These spring rolls and samosa were also from Nyonya Colors. But they were not so nice.

I believe the guests enjoyed the food - especially the lamb. At the end of the evening, thank God, we did not have to deal with too much left-overs.

And of course, cakes for the birthday girl. This was the first time I see a cake with a portrait on the icing.

Happy Birthday Wan.

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