Friday, April 26, 2013

Four Seasons in Empire Gallery

The Four Seasons in the Empire Gallery, Subang Jaya has moved to a bigger place. It used to be in a corner of the Jaya Grocers on the ground floor of the Empire Gallery. It has moved out of Jaya Grocers and now occupies the same lot where the Grand Imperial Kitchen used to be. The Grand Kitchen has closed its doors.

The new Four Seasons is a much bigger place. It is now a proper restaurant. It still maintains its London connections. And I couldn't help but noticed that some of their staff spoke English with a British slang. It had been quite a while since we had their famed roast duck. So, with their new place, we decided to pop in for a meal.

The place was very nicely done. They had a large dining area at the mall side. A narrow corridor (lined with single row of tables) led to a back dining area outside. The setting was contemporary and pleasant.

A lot of dining utensils on the wall. I wonder if they use them or if they were just decorative. Storage or decor, they were unique.

We came here for their roast duck. But when the waitress mentioned roast goose, my wife's eyes widened. We could not remember when we last had roast goose. It is a bird more popular in Hong Kong and London, than in Malaysia. We decided to go for it. We ordered a quarter bird. They served us the lower quarter - comprising the thigh and aft end. It wasn't a big plate. I wondered if that really was a quarter of a goose. The taste was OK - not terribly fantastic. I honestly could not tell the difference between this roast goose and the roast duck. The flavour and the texture was the exactly same as duck. But the price certainly was different. The quarter goose costed us 60 painful bucks. For that sort of money, we would had been able a get a whole duck and more.

This mix vege dish was very pleasant. There was sliced lotus root, snow peas, black fungus, Chinese cabbage, etc, topped with some nice cashew nuts. 

The la la in this soup were big. They were served hot in a clay pot. The soup was particularly sweet and flavourful. The clams were very fresh. No complaint except again, the price. The small pot was priced at RM42. 

Somehow we always end up with this brinjal and minced pork dish whenever we come to Four Seasons. And with absolutely no regrets. The dish was delicious. It was in a claypot and the heat kept it nice and warm.

Our final order was a plate of siu yuk (燒肉 - roast pork). The waitress came back to tell us that their roast pork that evening was not too nice. She said the siu yuk had too much fat and recommended we change to char siew (叉烧) instead. OK, fine with us. But the char siew was not much leaner. It too had considerable fat. It would taste nice, but it definitely was very sinful.

The meal was just so-so. It was nothing to wow about. Somehow, of all our experiences in Four Seasons, this was one that did not live up to our expectations. And it was bloody expensive. A simple meal like this put me back by nearly 200 bucks. I guess the real killers were the roast goose and the la-la soup. 

Have a nice day, indeed!

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