Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Ruchi Spice

My subject in this posting is a nice Indian eating place in Sunway, Subang Jaya. Ruchi Spice Curry House was recommended by one of SP neighbours. They had a neighbourhood makan outing one Sunday afternoon, and SP asked us to go along.

Ruchi apparently means taste. "Tasty Spice" or "Spicy Taste" is located on Jalan PJS 11/28B in Metro Sunway, Subang Jaya, in the commercial area opposite the Sunway Resort hotel.

It is a small one-shop-lot. Like most diners in the Klang Valley, they have smoking and non-smoking (air-conditioned) areas. This was the lunch group that day, occupying most of the non-smoking section.

A food counter in the smoking section had all the food they served. The selection was rather limited.

They had the usual meats and fish. Their Mysore mutton seemed to be the highlight of the day. And it did look very appetising.

The tray of fried chicken looked too oily for my liking.

The fried fish selection was few and lacking variety.

The vegetables looked much better. There was a good selection. Nearly half of their offering was vegetarian.

I didn't manage to get photo shots of all the dishes we ordered. They were immediately snapped up as soon as they arrived on the table. I neither had the time nor the heart to delay the eating just for my pictures. The first shot I got was the curry chicken. The favour was very good - very authentically Indian.

The Mysore mutton was a real treat. The spices in it was wonderful. The meat was tender - not soft or mushy. We could still savour the texture. Certainly the highlight of my lunch.

This was a plate of tofu. Again, the spices in it was wonderful. They made the simple tofu so tasty.

The vegetables tasted as good as they looked. This plate of long beans was fresh and delicious.

So was this humble spinach.

I do not know what exactly this was. It is some sort of gourd. It looked appetising and it tasted likewise.

The deep fried bitter gourd was delightful. Crispy and flavourful, it was the best of the vege selection.

Papadam. No Indian meal is complete without it.

A nice cup of rasam added the kick. I am a big fan of rasam and I know a good rasam from the mediocre. This one was good.

A bit of this, and a bit of that. And my lunch plate looked like this. It was of course eaten with fingers. A yummy indulgence.

After the food, I ordered a cup of susu lembu kopi tarik (fresh milk coffee). It was heavenly. An absolutely perfect ending of a delicious meal.

The use of spices in this restaurant was very complete and flavourful. It was authentically Indian. The boss man was around to greet us and he said the cook is from India. The selection might had been limited. But the food was good. I guess we do not need a large variety for a satisfying meal.

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