Friday, November 22, 2013

Brekkies @ Mr & Ms

Breakfasts on weekends for us are mostly "where?" and "what?". Our answer on this particular Sunday was some wholesome western fares in a nearby cafe.

Mr & Ms seems rather incomplete for a name. It is located in the Oasis Square, at the entrance of Ara Damansara from the Subang Airport road. It is just a few doors from Ali, Muthu and Ah Hock, another cafe that I had blogged over a year ago.

In that blog posting, I wrote that the Oasis Square was a quiet white elephant that did not seem to take off. One year later, I think I have to eat my words. Sime Darby has done a good job promoting the place. It is now a thriving commercial centre, with a lot of restaurants, pubs, offices and banks. This was a shot I took one recent evening and it showed the vibrancy of the place today.

After having a fill of my words, it was time for breakfast. The cafe was quite busy when we walked in. A friendly waiter greeted us and led us to a table. The ambiance was conducive and contemporary.

This place kind of reminded me of Antipodean in Bangsar. Similar settings, friendly waiters in black uniforms, and similar menu selections. Perhaps a copycat.

This was the comfortable and uncomfortable section of the cafe. I definitely did not fancy sitting on the floor or on plastic stools. On the other hand, they had a nice sofa set.

The signature of the cafe was the black moustache and the red lips.

I flipped through the menu. They served breakfasts all day. They also offered pastas, sandwiches, pizzas and pastries.

And of course coffees. What breakfast is complete without a good cup of coffee. Not instant Nescafe or local kopi-o. But a true brewed cappuccino or a fresh long black.

This was the ham and mushroom scrambled eggs. It had turkey ham and button mushrooms, served on top of a wholemeal toast.

Crystal had it with some grilled cherry tomatoes.

My wife's choice was this egg portobello. It was 2 beautifully poached eggs on grilled portobello mushrooms and wholemeal toasts, served with some lentils and halved grapes. They looked very appetising.

I had the meaty big brekky. It was a huge plate. There were a couple of chicken sausages, turkey ham, beef bacon, a nice crispy hash brown, grilled mushrooms and cherry tomatoes, a bowl of baked beans and 2 eggs on toasts. There was a choice of egg preparations. I opted for the poached. I don't have so much problem with  turkey hams but the beef bacon was definitely not the same as the real ones. But then, this was a pork-free establishment.

I cannot help but compare this place to Antipodean. In many ways, I enjoyed this place more. The meals here are bigger. The big breakfast for example had better varieties. The meats (sausage, ham and bacon) were more generous. The hash brown was decently big unlike the meagre portion in Antipodean. On the minus side - I wished they had included greens in the plate. Some rocket salads would had been perfect. And of course, the non-pork bacon and ham. They were no substitute for the porky kind.

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