Sunday, February 02, 2014

CNY Feast

Gong Xi Fa Cai. We welcomed the Horse with a lavish reunion dinner.

SP the chief chef spent the whole day preparing the various dishes.

It was a sumptuous meal for 7 people.


This was the 八寶雞 (Eight Treasure Chicken). It was a kampong chicken (菜園雞) stuffed with various ingredients. Normally this chicken dish would have eight ingredients in the stuffing. SP said he used ten. The ingredients (from memory) included chestnut (栗子), lotus seed (蓮子), diced mushroom, diced carrot, yuk chuk (玉竹- a Chinese herb), diced siew yuk (燒肉roast pork), wolf berries (枸杞) , red dates (紅棗) and two more (I forgot).

These large prawns were from Kuala Selangor. Super fresh. It was pan fried with garlic.

The yearly crab rolls.

This seafood dish comprised abalone, sea cucumber (海参), fresh scallops, mushroom and broccoli.

The green was chou sum (菜心).

This was a large plate of (). It was scrambled eggs Chinese style with conpoy, carrot, bean sprouts and spring onion. It was eaten wrapped in fresh salad.

The obligatory siew yuk (燒肉).

The traditional vegetarian dish.

Lam yee (南乳 - fermented red beans) spare pork ribs.

Yam seng was with champagne and plenty of red wine.

With his dishes well appreciated and his two sons back from Australia, I guess he was a very happy man.

Ole to the chef!

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