Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Choon Prawn Mee House

Peter Kang used to have a prawn mee stall at the O&S coffee shop in PJ Paramount Garden. Not too long ago, he moved out to open his own makan place specialising in, what else but Hokkein prawn mee. 

He calls his shop Choon Prawn Mee House. Choon apparently is his nickname. Or perhaps even his actual Chinese name. I know him only as Peter. Anyway, his shop is only several doors away from the O&S coffee shop, along Jalan 20/14.

I asked him how his business was. "OK lah," he said in his modest genial manner, "can cari makan (can make a living)."

Judging by the crowd in his place that weekend morning, I think he did better than just "cari makan". He had several foreign workers and all of them were working hard to cope with an constant flow of customers.

His shop was basic but comfortable. It was even air conditioned. He brought along his old stall from from O&S coffee shop. Ever wondered why all prawn mee stalls have this unique design - with a glass window?

He had a proper menu. His main offer was of course prawn mee, with various extras - pork ribs, pork tail, pork intestines and so on. Beside that, he also offered other coffee-shop food like chee cheong fun, koay teow soup, nasi lemak, to name a few.

And the whole range of hot and cold beverages. We opted for the normal tea with milk. They came in mugs, which was nice and sufficient.

I ordered a bowl of prawn mee with pork tail and intestine. Peter Kang certainly had not lost his touch. As far as I could remember, it tasted exactly the same as it was in O&S. There were nice pieces of pork tails. The intestine tasted particularly good. The soup was rich and tasty but rather oily. The generous sprinkling of fried shallot and the small dish of chilli added extra oomph to the total flavour. This bowl reinforced my verdict that Peter serves the best prawn mee in Petaling Jaya.

My wife had this bowl of koay teow soup. In it were fish balls, fish cake, pork slices and ample chu yaw char (猪油渣). I had a taste of the soup. Not bad at all. There was definitely adequate flavour in the clear soup.

My wife likes Penang chee cheong fun (猪肠粉). So we ordered a plate. Again, it was good. The prawn paste sauce was thick and flavourful. A dash of chilli paste added to the flavour. The ample fried shallots and sesame seeds made the dish very appetising.

We only managed to taste 3 dishes in Peter Kang's new makan shop. And we liked them all. I wish him luck in his new business venture. I hope he will be around for a long long time; so that whenever I have an itch for Penang prawn mee with some juicy pork tail and intestine, he would be there to serve me.

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