Monday, June 02, 2014

Great Nature Vegetarian

We visited this vegan restaurant many months ago. The pictures were sitting in my hard drive, together with those of several other restaurants, waiting for my story to be written. Most of these "archived" makan places are not worth writing on. I reviewed them recently and decided that I could do a feature on this restaurant after all.

The Great Nature Vegertarian Restaurant is in Klang - Jalan Sungai Putus. I haven't the faintest idea where in Klang this is. But with present day GPS, Waze and other apps, getting there should not be such a big deal.

The restaurant was quite ordinary. There was nothing fanciful. They tried to - like installing this ghastly "chandelier". But it did not work.

The thing I liked about this place was the spaciousness. They did not try to squeeze in too many tables into the 2 shop lots. There was ample room. As the result, it wasn't unpleasantly noisy.

And business was not bad. Most of the tables were taken up. Somehow, Chinese vegetarian food is popular. People think it is healthy. But it may not necessarily be so. Some, cooked and fried in abundant oil, can be just as sinful.

Tucked in a corner were shelves selling vegan products. Not an uncommon feature in vegetarian places.

And some "bak chang" (肉粽glutinous rice dumplings). Was it during last year's bak chang festival? I really cannot remember.

What I can remember was that we were there for a simple meal of rice and dishes. Edwin brought us there.

We started with some honey roast pork ribs. How could I remember it was honey roast? - you may ask. Simple. Each time I take pictures of the food, I also shoot the names of the dishes in the menu. Anyway, the ribs were good. They even had bones on them - pieces of sugar cane. Clever wasn't it? At least they feel a bit like the real thing. And you can even chew on the "bones", if you like.

The crispy tofu was "home made". It was simply deep fried. The skin was crispy and the tofu inside was of course soft. The chilli sauce wasn't bad either.

I remember the curry fish as pretty authentic. The curry was tasty with a nice santan (coconut milk) flavour. The "fish" even had some fishy flavour on it - from the seaweed wrap that was the fish skin. The vegetables were plenty. It was served piping hot in a clay pot.

This was braised mixed fungi in a pumpkin. Unfortunately I do not have much impression of the dish. I did not even remember that it was a fungus dish until I referred back to my menu pics. But it looked good, didn't it?

This was a mix vege dish - the loh hon chai (羅漢斋). This was a popular Chinese vegetarian dish comprising simple vegetables, mushrooms, dried tofu and fu chuk.

Our final dish was this rather messy yam pot. In the deep fried yam basket was a stir-fried mixture of diced vegetables and mushrooms. Ordinary but not bad.

This "archived" restaurant was not a bad place at all. I wonder how it got lost in my many blog fodders. There may one or two more of such "hidden" places. When I find them, I will definitely tell you about them.

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