Monday, January 26, 2015

Gyukingu Japanese BBQ

It was cousin Chew's birthday and he asked us out for dinner. Rightfully we should had treated the birthday boy to the meal. But he was the host instead, the reason being we had no idea that it was his day.  He asked us out and we gladly went along.

The place he took us to was a Japanese BBQ restaurant in Kota Damansara. Known as Gyukingu (牛大王 or Beef King), it is located on the first floor above the Al Rajhi Bank on Jalan PJU 5/17.

They have a bull head for their identity. It was Christmas season (last December) and the happy bespectacled bull wore a red cap. I wonder why restaurants use such motifs as they their trademarks - smiling bull and elated chicken - when they are the ones being eaten!

Inside, the restaurant belied its small insignificant entrance. It was a large place, nicely furnished with tables, cubicles and private dining rooms.

And a large, well stocked bar.

We were led to a private room. It was dining tatami style. sitting on the floor. Thankfully they had a recess under the table and was not so taxing on our old stiff legs. The room was small and windowless, and the walls and ceiling were painted black. Fortunately we had good company and conversations to distract us from the surrounding. Otherwise it was like sitting in a prison cell and could be very stifling and claustrophobic.

We had to remove our shoes before we enter our room. And when I came out to relieve myself, I could not find them (they apparently kept them in a hidden rack) and I had to tread barefooted to the loo.

The menu was tantalising.

This Christmas offer that included Wagyu beef, Okinawa bacon and a bottle of red wine for 4 to 6 persons was very reasonably priced at just RM388++.

While cousin Chew selected the meats, we waited for the wine to breathe.

His choice was breathtaking. There was a variety of seasoned beef...

And marinated pork..

Grilled over a coal fire...

And eaten with fresh salads.

Thoroughly delicious.

The Wagyu beef deserved a special mention. It was exceptional. I could see why it was so prized. It was so tender and succulent, almost melting in the mouth.

We had some fresh scallops too.

Carefully grilling them to ensure they are not overdone.

Besides the self-grills, we also had some side dishes. Like this good size squid. It was done by the chef and was so fresh and succulent. Very good indeed.

Bowls or garlic fried rice and miso soup for each of us.

And even some Korean fare - bibimbap and kimchi.

Dessert was sesame ice cream which to me was rather unusual in flavour. I really do not think sesame is a good ingredient for ice cream.

I preferred the yuzu (a Japanese sour citrus) sherbert.

It was an awesome meal. Cousin Chew's dinners have always been elaborate affairs. This certainly was no exception. Happy birthday again, Chew.

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