Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Euro Deli

Euro Deli - ah, this is our favorite meat place. We "discovered" Euro Deli a few years ago at their Damansara Kim outlet. And it has been our meat haunt since.

This small chain has 3 restaurants and several retail outlets selling Swiss and German delicatessens such as sausages, ham, bacon and everything sinful. Their Damansara Kim restaurant located on Jalan SS20/11 in PJ, used to be a small humble single-shoplot joint. It had a complete makeover. It is now a lot bigger and with a much better dining ambiance, a new set of staff and a new menu.

And it is immensely popular. It was fortunate that I had presence of mind to make prior reservations. When we arrived, our table at a nice location was duly allocated with my name on it. As we settled down, we observed several groups coming in, only to leave because there were no tables for them.

This place is a paradise for meat lovers. Their specialties are pork and sausages. But they also have lamb and a limited choice of pastas.

After we made our order, bread was served. I have to mention about their bread. It was a soft roll baked with some herbs. They were hot (apparently re-heated) when they arrived at our table. The rolls were very aromatic and went perfectly with the accompanying butter.

We started our meal with a plate of potato skins, baked with bacon and cheese. It certainly was not the archetypal prelude of what the restaurant had to offer, for the skins were really not that very good. I tasted a substantial amount of potato on the skins and that very much concealed the flavor of the beacon and cheese.

Our first entree was the roast pork belly. Awesome. It was served with mashed potato, red cabbage and a mushroom sauce. The meat was tender and succulent. There wasn't too much fat on it. The potato was so fine and creamy. Very delicious indeed.

Next was the roast pork knuckle. Another magnificent plate. It also came with mashed potato and mushroom sauce, but instead of red cabbage there was sauerkraut. Compared with the roast belly, the meat of the knuckle was somewhat dry. To me the best part was the skin. The knuckle was roasted to a perfect crispy skin that was so wonderful to the mouth. The sauerkraut was perhaps an acquired taste. I thought it went well with the meat, but my family did not like it.

We had a combo plate of 3 sausages. We could pick our sausages and we opted for a German pepper, an Emmenthaler and a farmer bratwurst. The sausages were served with sauerkraut, egg salad, a sauce and some mustard. Of the three, I liked the German pepper sausage best. Euro Deli is well known for its sausages. I would recommend that you try them if you are there.

All these were lubricated down with a nice German Franziskaner beer....

And some refreshing concentrated mango juice.

The cream caramel was a welcome respite of a dessert after the heavy and serious meats.

We were totally stuffed. But if you still haven't had enough, you could always buy some sausages, hams and bacon back. Euro Deli has a good variety of meats which are available at the restaurant itself. The sausages are mostly vacuum packed and can be kept for quite a long in the freezer.

The place also sells some imported European delicacies including the nice herbal soft rolls that I had earlier mentioned.

Great place, no?

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