Monday, November 01, 2010

Woh Fung

和丰 (Woh Fung) is the Chinese name for Sungei Siput in Perak. It is also a humble restaurant in PJ Paramount Garden, on Jalan 20/3 behind the Paramount Giant supermarket. The place is apparently popular for its fresh water river fish and every now and again, they have "promotions" offering river fish at very reasonable prices.

I have known this place for a long time - since the proprietor's pair of twin sons were small kids trying to help their parents in the restaurant. Now they are young adults. The place is simple and clean, and very popular with PJ folks looking for simple reasonably priced meals.

Their menu is pasted on the wall. Kinda worn and aged over the years but the dishes are very much the same. They cook and serve their food very quickly. The food normally arrive before you can have the time to settle down and have a cup of tea.

We had a plate of "soya bean tauhu 福州豆腐" (sic) - I followed the writing on the wall. It was tofu, tau kan (豆筋) and fish paste (鱼滑) cooked in a thick sauce. It was not great, rather ordinary but good enough for an everyday meal. 

The stir fried potato leaf (番薯叶) was very fresh. I liked it.

We also a plate of "Mongolian spare ribs 蒙古排骨". It wasn't bad at all. The sauce was good. But I doubt it had any authenticity. I don't think the Mongols cook their pork ribs like that.

Finally, the steamed patin (cat fish) was great. I like patin especially when it is fresh. And the fish they served us was very fresh. The belly of the fish was specially good - soft and smooth, so very pleasant in the mouth.

Woh Fung not a place for lavishness or indulgence. You won't find anything extraordinary here. But if you are looking for a simple and reasonably priced meal, you will not be disappointed.

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