Saturday, February 05, 2011

CNY Feasts

The feasts started with the Reunion at SP's place. It was a very traditional meal. SP, wife Mei and son KG had spent a couple of days preparing it. Both KJ and KG were back from down-under this CNY. So it was great food and a greater reunion.

The pak cham kai (白切雞) is a must for any festivity. It was a delicious free range ayam kampung (菜园鸡).

The seafood pot (海鲜煲) probably costed an arm or leg. It had all the expensive ingredients in it - abalone, sea cucumber (海參), fish maw and mushrooms. But for the reunion, nothing is too expensive.

This is a dish of large prawns stirred fried with asparagus in a semi-spicy sauce.

The ever popular crab rolls. Available only once a year.

This was kwai fa conpoy (乾瑤柱). It was dried scallops (conpoy 乾瑤柱) stirred fried in eggs and some vegetables. Normally it is prepared with shark fins, but conpoy was used instead. It was eaten wrapped in salad leaves.

The pork ribs may looked a little over done because it was left it the oven for a short while after grilling. But it was delicious. The meat was very tender and the semi-spicy sauce permeated deep into the meat.

This was Hongkong choy sum (菜心) topped with conpoy (乾瑤柱).

Soup was lotus root.

After a short rest from the heavy meal, we dove into the desserts; which was home-made far sang wu (花生糊 - peanut paste) .....

Chinese pancake. It looked a little different because SP opted to pan fry rather than deep fry it.

And a lovely grape flan that Crystal made specially for our reunion.

Next day, it was a simple family traditional breakfast and lunch. It was fried daikon cake (蘿蔔糕) which was very nice dipped in a home-made chili sauce.

The traditional CNY vegetarian dish.

And some delicious crispy fried pork ribs.

Then we were off on a torturous 7 hours drive to Sungei Petani. The traffic on the North South Highway was unbelievable. There were 3 massive jams along the way. What used to be a 4-hour drive turned up nearly twice as long.

On the second day of CNY, it was steamboat at the in-laws. The meal was a very festive affair. There were 30 people, young and old, spanning 3 generations. There were 2 tables and 2 steamboats - with enough food for a small army. The mood was high-spirited and convivial. Some were eating on their feet. Some shuttled between tables. Everybody enjoyed themselves.

Food-wise, I let these pictures do the talking....

The feasts continue....

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