Sunday, February 13, 2011

Home Town yawn

The Sunway Giza Mall is a new shopping place in Kota Damansara, PJ. We were there to check it out one weekend evening. And I actually liked the place. It has quite an unique setting. The main concourse was not air-conditioned, but it wasn't a problem. It was cooled by many gigantic ceiling fans that surprisingly generated quite good cooling air movement.

We went around looking for dinner. There was really not very many places to eat in. Most of them were so-called "boutique restaurants" which I felt look better than they taste. Sadly, they lacked a food court. We ended in a Chinese eating place at the entrance of the main shopping area. The place was named Home Town.

We wouldn't had picked this place if we had a better choice. The restaurant looked more like take-away place. It did not have a proper dining area. All their tables were in the mall concourse. There was a counter-like set up at the front of the "restaurant" and behind it was perhaps the kitchen. 

The place was a typical Chinese eatery. The menu was unimaginative, comprising mouth yawning rather than watering suggestions. But we did not have much of a choice and we were hungry. 

The first dish (or pot) was the rice wine chicken (黄酒鸡). It was very uninteresting. The pieces of chicken were not bad. They were firm and yet succulent. However the soup was lacking. There was not much wine in it.

The Hakka ginger duck (客家姜鸭) was not too bad. It was a bit too salty. The gravy was rich and thick. And the flavor of the ginger and the duck complemented each other well. It was served in a clay pot rendering the duck hot for sometime.

For vege, we opted for the taugeh (bean sprouts) stirred fried with salt fish (菜). It was a good choice. The taugeh was short and stubby, like those we find in Ipoh. It is difficult to get such taugeh in the Klang Valley. There was some sliced wood fungus (耳) in the dish, making it very pleasant to the palate. 

The so-called signature tofu (招牌豆腐) was a waste of time. It was deep fried beyond recognition and served with a light chili sauce. I did not find any enjoyment biting into an oily mess of tofu. The taste was rather bland and I guess the chili sauce was there to help. If you are there, order something else.

All in all, the meal was most boring. It was as exciting as eating in MacDonald. The Sunway Giza might had been interesting in some ways. But food wise, it was a culinary desert.

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