Monday, April 23, 2012

Kogetsu (Ouch) Japanese Restaurant

This is probably the most expensive Japanese restaurants that I know in the Klang Valley. Yet we have repeatedly gone back and perhaps continue to do so, albeit only when the moon turns blue. For the food is good and the ambiance is cosy, quiet and conducive. It is a place for the something extra. And I have enjoyed every one of our visits.

Kogetsu, in Japanese, probably means Moon Lake. I take it from the Chinese characters -湖. It is located in the Saujana Hotel, at the Saujana Golf & Country Club, not far from the Subang Airport. As the name implies, it is sited next to a beautiful lake (actually it is more a pond) in the resort. However all our visits had been in the night, and we did not get to enjoyed the beauty of the place. The hotel management should strategically up some lights around the "lake" to bring up aura of the place.

I like the ambiance very much. It is in a building by itself, away from the main hotel. Like most old Japanese places, the place is entirely of wood. It is softly lit - almost a little too dim - and the whole place is a very favorable place to have a quiet meal.

The kitchen is large and right next to the dining area. I did not think it was such a good idea for they were a bit noisy and sort of mar the serenity of the place.

They have a sushi bar at one end of the restaurant. I love sushi, but eating at a bar does not appeal to me at all.

My wife and I shared a set meal of teppanyaki sea food, with an additional order of garlic fried rice. The meal started with a simple salad slaw, tomato and mayo.

Then came a small bowl of pickled jelly fish to further tease our appetite.

The plate of sashimi comprised of 2 slices each of salmon, tuna and mackerel. They were so very fresh and of good quality. I enjoyed them tremendously. Unfortunately my wife does not touch raw fish. 

The chawan mushi was served piping hot in a nice porcelain cup. It was heavenly. The egg was so smooth - almost like a cream. In it were pieces of mushroom, chicken and others. I love chawan mushi and this is somewhat of a pinnacle. 

A bowl of miso.

The main course comprised a piece of salmon, a large prawn, 2 fresh oysters and 2 fresh scallops. They were all supremely fresh and beautifully teppanyaki grilled. The quality of food here is superb.

This was followed by a plate of teppanyaki vege.

The garlic fried rice was delicious. I have always enjoyed and admired Japanese garlic fried rice. I have tried a number of times to reproduce their style of frying rice. I have yet to succeed.

We order a couple of extras to supplement our set. The first was this delightful row of soft shell crab. Absolutely superior. The crab was crispy in the inside and the rice with the abundant fish roe was soft and fluffy outside. Such a joy.

The second add-on amazed me. We definitely do not have salmon in Malaysia. It had to be imported. They say fish decays head first. How did they keep this salmon head so very fresh? This salmon head was grilled to perfection. Every bit of this head was fresh. Not a tinge of fishiness. I should had taken a picture of was left after we finished with it. I cleaned to the bone.

Dessert was a small plate of fruit that came with the set. We ordered a green tea ice cream to supplement. The ice cream was weeny. It was served with some red bean paste. Delicious.

The meal was most satisfying. It was delicious. The food was fresh and of superior quality. The environment was excellent. Only one set back. The whole thing costed us almost 300 bucks. Ouch!

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