Monday, April 02, 2012

Shogun 2T

Our visit to the Shogun was rated 2T or TWO T - Total Waste Of Time. We were there for my wife's annual celebration. Oddly she chose this Japanese buffet place. And like  Tenji - the last Jap buffet place we visited - the experience was far from satisfactory. Somehow we do not have very good karma with Japanese buffet restaurants. 

Shogun is a relatively small restaurant chain. They have 5 outlets - all in the Klang Valley. The place we visited was in 1-Utama in PJ - on the 2nd floor of the new wing. It was our second visit to this chain. Our first was at the Sunway Pyramid about 3 years ago. I remember we enjoyed our first visit a lot more. This time around, the meal was a big yawn. 

We wanted to leave the moment we walked in. As a start, the place was crowded and noisy. Everybody was like rushing for food and snapping up choice dishes, which really were not many. It was a market more than a restaurant. If there was anything to celebrate, this certainly was not the place. 

We surveyed the food counters before settling down for our meal. The place was big and there were many serving stations. Most of them offered Japanese fares. But there were also local and western dishes. 

Except for a few, most of the dished displayed did not look appetizing. We actually did not know what to pick, not because we were spoilt for choices, but because they were all so uninteresting.

We started dinner with some soups. 

Then some sushi and sashimi. The raw fish were fresh but not of great quality.

The oysters were slightly better...

Some fish...

And various other dishes...

FInally, desserts.

The quality and freshness of the food were just so-so. The taste was less. It was definitely a meal to forget. We did not enjoy it. The only dish that etched my memory as being good was the salmon fish head. It was fresh and succulent. The rest were 2T. 

And it was not really cheap - at 60 bucks per head, ++. With one small consolation. As I was paying the bill at the cashier, she strangely asked me, "Uncle, are you senior citizen?" I guess I was senior enough. For that I got a 50% discount.

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