Monday, May 17, 2010

Country Barn

We were there for some drinks, music and good food. And we got them all.

The place was the Country Barn pub in Subang Jaya on Jalan USJ 11/3. I have known this place for quite some time. The proprietor is an old home town friend.

The place is basically a pub. It has different live bands playing of different days of the week. The theme is always oldies and country, and it attracts a mature crowd.

And it serves good food too. Good Portuguese food. We started the evening with some drinks and progressed on to dinner.

Our first dish was the devil curry. They labeled it as 'Debel Curry' in the menu. Although small in portion, it was rich and delicious. Contrary to the devil's reputation, it wasn't too hot. I enjoyed it.

The cincalok (a Malacca shrimp paste) omelet was also good and tasty. I have tried cincalok omelets in other restaurants in Malacca and I did not like them. They were too salty. Country Barn got their omelet just right.

We also enjoyed the brinjal (egg plant) cooked with onion and chili in a dark soya sauce.

Our order for a humble plate of cabbage turned out to be very pleasant. It was stir fried with chicken meat, Chinese fungus (耳) and carrot. Good.

The prawn fritters came out piping hot and crispy. Very suitable with beer.

We also ordered a plate of fried mee-hoon. It was with some chicken, shrimp and adequate vegetables. Great.

As you can probably see, dinner was sumptuous. After an hefty meal, we settled down to enjoy the music. The group that evening comprised 2 ladies and a guy. I did not catch the group's name. They were not bad. But I have heard better singing in Country Barn. 

Our daughter was curious about margaritas. And as it turned out, she didn't like it and it was pushed to me. It was actually quite good. Very refreshing. But at RM20, it was a rather expensive curiosity.

We enjoyed our evening at the Country Barn and will be back for many more. The food they serve is not just Portuguese and local stuff. They also serve some western makan and the usual pub tit-bits. You can visit their rather poor website that has been under construction for quite a long time.

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