Thursday, May 13, 2010

Teochew braised duck

I have a liking for duck meat. I much prefer it to chicken. I find duck more gamy and has a better flavour and texture. In Malaysia, the most popular duck preparation is roast. It is not that I do not like roast duck. There is another preparation that I like more.

In PJ SS2, there is a duck rice stall that served Teochew braised duck. The stall is in Okay coffee shop located at the junction of Jalan SS2/10 and SS2/21. It is on the same road as the SS2 Kayu Original Nasi Kandar Restaurant - but at the other end of the road.

The stall is named Teo Chew Stewed Duck (潮州卤鸭). But the name is really a misnomer. The duck they served is not stewed. It is braised.

They used to be at another coffee shop directly at the back of Okay on Jalan SS2/6. However that coffee shop has since closed and converted into a Chinese restaurant; and the stall moved to its present location.

I have known the stall for many years. It is still operated by the same guy. He used to chop and and dispense the meat. But he doesn't do it any more. His place is taken over by a young man, presumably, his son.

Beside braised duck meat, the stall offers braised duck innards (gizzards and intestine), duck feet, braised eggs (chicken eggs), braised tofu, kiam chai (咸菜) or salted vegetable and braised peanuts. All these are Teochew offerings.

The duck meat is truly very nice. The Teochews really know how to braise their ducks. It is served with an aromatic sauce which goes very well with the rice.

The gizzard and eggs is also a must if you ever get to eat at this stall. The gizzard has the nice "crunchy" texture. The egg is delicious. I wonder if it would be better if they serve duck eggs instead.

The kiam chai (咸菜) is so simply cooked and yet so delicious. It complements the meal very well.

The braised tofu is another simple and delicious dish.

I like the rice in this stall. It is not plain white rice. It is flavoured - something like the rice we get at chicken rice stalls, only the flavouring is not the same. It is lightly oiled and has the aroma of the duck sauce.

The chilli sauce they provide is also very good. Most suited to the duck meat they serve.

I love braised duck. Unfortunately there are not many makan places in the Klang Valley offering this Teochew fare. But... at least there is one. And not a bad one at all. This stall used to do roaring business at its previous location at the back. Since moving here, I see that the stall is a lot more quiet. I hope they stay open for a long time. I hope they won't deprive me of Teochew braised duck that I occasionally enjoy.

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