Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Subang nostalgia

Three old work kakis met up one weekend evening to reminisce at an equally old makan joint at Kampung Subang. The place was Choong Foong Seafood Restaurant. This restaurant is perhaps as old as Subang airport. It used to be located at the end of a row of single storey shop houses, right at the end of the Subang airport runway. It was a popular makan place for airline employees including some expatriates from Australia and New Zealand. Many years ago, the restaurant relocated. It is now in a spacious site about 2 km away.

The front of the new place is huge car park. Behind the restaurant is more land and a house which is the residence of the restaurant owner. The main entrance is at the side and it leads into a really big air-conditioned dining hall.

The restaurant is typically Chinese in decor. It is so big that it is partitioned into separate sections and I estimate that it can easily accommodate 100 tables or more. We arrived quite early that evening and already the place was pretty packed and we had to seat ourselves on a table towards the back.


KP brought a bottle of Chivas. I wished there was more of us so that we could order a greater variety of dishes. However, in spite of our threesome, we went ahead and ordered to our content.

The first dish was the satay prawns. Oh.. the satay prawns. It was so very nostalgic. It was one of our favorite dishes during our days at the end of the runway. And it tasted exactly the same as before. The sauce on the prawn made it so very good. The prawns were good size, and it was very enjoyable.

The pei pa (琵琶鸭) duck was another most delicious dish. This dish is similar but not the same as roast duck. The skin was crispy. The aroma of the duck meat stood up from the normal roast. The portion we order was insufficient. I did not quite have enough.

The lor hong chai (罗汉素) was an assorted vegetable dish. Nothing very much to shout about. But I enjoyed it nevertheless.

Finally it was the steamed fish. It was the belly of a fresh water fish steamed in a spicy soya sauce with some soft tofu. The fish was very fresh. The sauce was delicious. We picked it to the bare bones.

For dessert, we ordered Chinese pancakes which was rather ordinary...
... and a sweet starchy broth of snow fungus (雪耳), water chestnut, gingko nuts and perhaps 1 or 2 other ingredient that I do not remember. I did not like the broth.

The fruits were compliments of the house.

It was a most delightful evening - good company, sumptuous food and of course the Chivas.

Oh yes... How do you get there? It is difficult to guide you. I could not find it in Google Maps. I can only provide the address. It is at No. 8, Lorong 1D, Kampung Subang, 40150 Shah Alam. Good luck.

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