Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Living Food

Somehow, I like this little makan place. It is not a fantastic restaurant. It does not serve a great variety of food. It has no dining ambiance. It is not a very friendly place. I cannot pinpoint the reasons but I do keep returning there. Perhaps I like the taste of their noodles.

The makan shop is known as Living Food Restaurant and its signature is apparently its "MKP Lum Mee". I have no idea what this MKP lum mee (淋面) fuss is all about. I have tried it and do not think it was exceptional. I normally go there for its kon lo (干捞) noodles.

Living Food is sited in PJ Damansara Utama Uptown, along Jalan SS21/37. It is directly opposite an open car park in Uptown, so parking in this terribly congested part of PJ is not a big problem. The place is clean, air conditioned and is very simple in decor.

The kitchen is staffed by some Indonesian ladies who are very efficient. The food is delivered almost immediately after you have ordered them.

The boss, who is rather grumpy and unfriendly, normally just sits at the counter and collects money.

The restaurant's offering is limited - just noodles in clear soup, kon lo (干捞), lum mee style (淋面) and curry. They also offer a limited variety of yong tau fu (釀豆腐) stuffs.

On our last visit, we did not order their signature lum mee, so I cannot offer a visual of it. But the kon lo was very nice. It had ample taugeh, shrimps and chicken strips in a nice thick sauce. Looked appetizing and tasted good.

The curry noodle wasn't bad either. The curry was rich and not too much santan. It came with see hum (鲜蚶), pieces of chicken, long beans and tau fu pok.

We also had some fish balls and fish stuffed fu chuk (釀腐竹) and brinjal. They were ordinary.

The fried shui kow (水饺) were stuffed with fish paste instead of a mixture of meat. They were also rather ordinary.

The above mentioned are just about all you can get in Living Food. And of course, the usual beverages. They are really quite unremarkable. But the place apparently does quite a good business with these "unremarkables". They normally have very good lunch crowds. Perhaps they got good feng shui (風水).

Living food is apparently a branch or franchisee of a lum mee chain that originated in Pudu, KL. I have not been able to get much info on this. Nothing much written about this in the Internet. I tried asking the boss of Living Food. But he was very unfriendly. He muttered a few words confirming the Pudu establishment and was unwilling to talk further.

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