Monday, August 30, 2010

Ramadhan bazaar

We went for our Ramadhan bazaar walk last weekend. The bazaar we chose was at USJ 4, which is off Persiaran Tujuan in Subang Jaya. We were there rather early, just after 4pm. The stalls were all ready for business in this early hour. This bazaar in Subang Jaya was very well organized. The stalls were all very clean and they all had standard blue MBSJ canopies.

The advantage of being there early was that the place was not at all crowded and the foods were fresh. The disadvantage was the searing heat.

Enjoy these visuals of what they had to offer.

Surprisingly only one stall had the requisite dates for sale.

The Malays normally break their fast with some kuih muih. And there were lots of them.

This stall had several types of very tempting Malay noodles. I bought the Johor mee rebus. It was very good.

Spring rolls, curry puff, samosa, keropok lekor and others.

These lekor were particular good.

This boisterous chap kept calling me to take his picture. I obliged.

But this stall had much better drinks selection.

All these dishes to go with rice.

Murtabaks were very popular in the bazaar. Several stalls offered them.....

But somehow, only this stall attracted the queue. So we bought a couple of them and they turned out not bad at all.

Roti jala in big portions.


Chee cheong fun and various goodies in sticks.

He sold nasi briyani and other hot stuffs.

Chicken rice. The deep fried chicken looked very good. We bought some fried ayam kampung. They were delicious.

More chicken, hot from the oven.

Ayam perchik and other meat stuffs.

Ikan panggang or grilled fish.

What Malay makan is without satay?

Are they not too young to be in business? Regardless of the look she gave me, she was really quite cheerful.

Lemang and rendang - one of my favorites. I regretted I did not buy some.

A wonderful big wok of soup ekor (oxtail). What a sight to behold. But we didn't get any.

This type of Malay style fried popiah is actually very nice. I like them.

Kuih putu piring.


Tau fu fah of various kinds.

Selamat berbuka puasa.

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