Thursday, August 05, 2010

Sisters curry mee 2

We finally made it to Bandar Puteri Puchong for more sisters' curry mee. Just to recap...

On 21-Mar-2010, I blogged about my favorite curry mee in SEA Park, PJ. The curry laksa stall is operated by 2 sisters. The son of one of the sisters opened a restaurant in Puchong selling the same curry laksa. I had been curious about this makan place and wanted to know how the son matches up to his mother.

We were cruising around Bandar Puteri Puchong one evening looking for another makan place when my wife spotted the shop. We went there the following Saturday for brunch.

The name of the shop is Restoran Sister Curry Laksa SEA Park (姐妹咖哩麵家). It is located on Jalan Puteri 2/6 in Bandar Puteri Puchong. There was quite a good crowd when we arrived there at about 10am. The place was pleasantly green and comfortably air-conditioned. Like all new style makan places, there was a outer section for smokers.

Even the menu was green. It basically offered the same curry and beef soup noodles as the SEA Park parent stall with additional side dishes, snacks, rice and vegetables. And like a good son, a picture of the mother and aunt was featured in the menu.

I ordered the same as I did in SEA Park. My bowl of curry mee looked very much like what I had in SEA Park - with chicken, see hum (cockles 鲜蚶), tau fu pok (豆腐卜) and some long beans. However with one sip of the curry, I could tell that the mother's cooking was superior. The curry was very much like his mother's - aromatic and not too much santan (coconut milk). But it was not the same. The mother reigned. Still it was not a bad bowl of curry noodle and I enjoyed it too. My only complaint was that the noodles were rather cold. It would had been better if it was served hot.

The beef soup was comparable. I don't think I could tell the difference between the beef soup there and the mother's. It was with the same beef, tripe and tendons, plus some beef meat balls which were not available in SEA Park. It tasted with the same deliciousness. Even the price, at RM10, was the same.

My wife had a bowl of curry without noodles. It was actually the same as my bowl with all the ingredients sans the noodles.

We also had a plate of taugeh (bean sprouts). It was very ordinary but adding to our bowls of curry, it made our meal a lot more pleasant.

Our drinks were hot coffee and iced lemon tea.

The place is really not a bad place for a nice curry laksa meal. It can justifiably boast on its 20 years of curry laksa legacy, albeit the mother's.

However the next time I have the craving of curry mee, I will most likely head towards SEA Park. It is much nearer and it is the original.

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