Friday, June 18, 2010

Seo Gung Korean

Korean restaurants are not as popular as Japanese in Malaysia. Still, there are quite a few around. And almost all of them offer barbecue meals.

There is one Korean place that we have frequented a number of times - mainly because it is nearby and the food is really not bad. The place is Seo Gung - I believe it means west building. It is located on Jalan SS 2/67 in PJ. It is not very far from and on the same row as the SS2 Hong Leong Bank, occupying the upper floor of 2 shop lots. Below it are a steamboat place and a cake shop.

The decor in the restaurant is simple, with a barbecue stove and a extraction funnel at each table. The boss is a Korean man (in white T-shirt), whom I see every time I makan there.

They also have a tatami area, where you dine sitting on the floor. I shun tatami dining. I remember a prolonged dinner in Seoul, sitting on the floor. I sat with my legs crossed and after awhile they started to fall asleep. There was no support for my back. It was a real torture. After that experience - I avoid floor dining if I can help it.

The menu offered different kinds of meat for barbecue - beef, lamb, pork and chicken. They were rather expensive. They also have various Korean dishes like ginseng chicken, kimchi noodles, soups, rice, etc.

We ordered a pork in spicy sauce.

And a beef rib.

They were grilled on a hot plate...

Over a red hot coal fire...

Beautifully done...

Eaten with salad, raw garlic and a Korean sauce.

The barbecue meal was served with various side dishes. Like the kimchi - no Korean meal is complete without kimchi. This time around, the variety of side dishes was rather limited. On our previous visits, the side dishes were much better and plentiful.

We ordered a couple of other dishes to supplement our meal. We had a kimchi tofu soup. I found it rather hot and spicy. I am really not very fond of kimchi soups of any kind.

The kimchi fried rice was not bad. Quite tasty. It came topped with an egg.

We had a very good meal - lots to eat and a good variety.

 Korean cuisine is not exactly my favorite. But having it once in a while can be very pleasant affairs.

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