Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ang Kee BKT

We finally made it to Klang again for bak kut teh. Since our last visit to Restoran Kuala Pulai (Claypot) Ba Kut Teh, we had not returned to Klang. Our patronage this time was for Ang Kee, which is not far from Restoran Kuala Pulai. It is a modest shop at an end-lot along Jalan Batai Laut 3 in Kawasan 16 of Taman Intan, Klang.

We were there for Sunday brunch. I am sure this place does not serve the best BKT in Klang. But it was good enough for us. This must be the 4th time we have been to this shop. There was no reason why not to go again.

We started the meal with a nice hot pot of Chinese tea. It was nothing less that "char wong" (茶王) - the king of teas. BKT must be taken with a good tea. Tea not only complements the taste of BKT, it supposedly washed away that oil and fat of the sinful meat.

Then it was the yew char kueh (油炸鬼). We ordered 2 portions of it. They came early early. While waiting for our BKT, we had the YCK as a snack to tame our hungry stomachs. And when the BKT finally arrived, we had to order more.

The BKT in soup arrived first - piping hot in a clay pot. It was most appetizing, with meat, tofu pok (豆腐卜), fu chuk (竹) and 2 types of mushrooms. I had asked for a mixture of meat and innards. There was some lean and not-so-lean meat, intestines and tripe. The soup was rich with enough oomph. Very delicious.

It was followed by the dry BKT. This was something we could not get in Restoran Kuala Pulai. I once told a friend in Singapore about our dry BKT. He did not believe there could be BKT in any form but soup. Well, it is so common now in Malaysia. We found it even in Penang. I have seen how dry BKT was prepared on television. It is actually the normal BKT cooked until dry with added black sauce, dried chili, dried cuttle fish and some other ingredients.

The dry BKT in this place was flavourful and nice. I think the wet and dry BKT actually complemented each other. It was nice to have some variety in the meal.

We also had a plate of lettuce. It wasn't good. It was quite a mess with too much oyster sauce in it.

Overall the meal was good. Very satisfying. I went over to take some pictures of the chef. He wasn't very friendly. I guess he didn't like me taking his pictures. He gave me a grumpy and suspicious stare. I made a hasty retreat.

But I think he won't be there for long. He is putting his business up for sale. He has a notice in the shop, written in Chinese. He wants to retire and wants RM50,000 for it - negotiable. Interested? The number is on the wall.

I may have to look elsewhere for my BKT cravings....

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  1. The bah kut Teh is still there..don worry..u still can go