Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Uncle Chong's fishball noodle

Uncle Chong runs a fishball noodle stall in Subang Jaya.

He is located in the popular Park Way coffee shop on Jalan SS19/6C. I go to Park Way almost every other week. I do not eat his noodles all the time but frequent enough for us to know each other pretty well.

Uncle Chong sells the Kampar style fishball noodles (). Kampar style fishball noodle is different in that there are some deep fried stuff and is served with a chilli sauce. And it is does not come with chicken or pork shreds like the other fishball noodles.

Besides the normal fishballs, Uncle Chong offers deep fried fu-pei (腐皮) stuffed with fish paste, deep fried fishball, tofu stuffed with fish paste and pork meat balls. His food are all very fresh. If you are there early morning, you will find the deep fried fu-pei and deep fried fishballs still very crispy.

You can have the noodles kon loh (dry, 干捞) or in soup. His soup is superb - very sweet and delicious. I normally ask for additional taugeh and indeed, he is very generous with them.

And I have to mention his chilli sauce. Kampar fishball noodles have to be enjoyed with a nice chilli sauce. Uncle Chong makes a terrific sauce. You can tell that his chilli sauce is genuinely home made, no off-the-shelf stuffs.

Uncle Chong rules on Kampar fishball noodles.

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