Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Souled Out

Souled Out in Desa Sri Hartamas KL, is perhaps one of the yuppiest restaurant in the Klang Valley. I have known the place for a long time and over the years, it was transformed itself from a rather ordinary pub/restaurant to quite an awe inspiring dining place that you would want to be.

We entertained a friend there one evening. The place was packed when we walked in even though it was a just weekday. I had prior reservation for our table but because we were just about 30 minutes late due to a transportation hitch, they had sold our table away. But they were very quick to recover. The waiters and waitresses were very friendly and helpful. They got us another table in no time.

As we settled down, we felt the vibrancy of the place. It was so alive. In the course of our dinner, I noted at least 3 birthday choruses. The atmosphere was effervescent. The restaurant had the setting and decor to complement this energy. Or perhaps it was the ambiance that generated it.

The menu was all-embracing. The selections were decision nightmares - so much to choose from. It had local fares, western cooking, pizzas, Indian cuisines and sinful desserts. A copy of their menu can be downloaded (pdf format) from their website.

And of course the drinks.

We shared a plate of cheese nachos for starter. It was superb. It went very well with my beer. We wiped the plate clean.

I had the lamb chop. The meat was OK. But it was rather dry. Perhaps I made the mistake to ask for french fries in place of roasted baby potatoes. And it was not served with mint sauce. I did not enjoy it entirely.

Our daughter's choice was the "Chicken Cordon "Blurr", served with french fries and some mayo salad. It also looked dry.

My wife had an unique noddle dish. It was the spicy square fried noodles. It was noodles like koay teow that came inside an edible crusty box. Hanging on to the box were 3 large shrimps. The noodles tasted good. My wife enjoyed it.

Our British friend had her good old traditional fish and chips. She seemed to enjoy it. But I thought it also looked rather dry.

For dessert, we shared a pannacotta...

... and an ice cream cake ....

... finishing with coffee.

Perhaps it was the wrong choices, but I did not find the food that fantastic. Certainly it did not match the hype of the place. I found everything rather dry. The taste was quite ordinary. Still it was (forgive the pun) sold out..

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