Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sisters curry mee

The place in PJ to get a nice bowl of curry mee is in SEA Park. There is a stall in the Sun Fatt Kee coffee shop that serves real nice curry laksa and beef soup noodles.

Sun Fatt Kee is located at the junction of Jalan 21/11B and Jalan 21/17. It is opposite the SEA Park wet market and is directly behind the SEA Park Maybank.

The place is somewhat run-down and dilapidated. But hey, if you just want some really good curry mee, never mind the environment. The coffee shop is normally quite packed during the weekends. My last visit was on a Monday morning. It was quiet.

The noodle stall is operated by 2 sisters. From here in SEA Park, their business has apparently expanded. There is now a restaurant in Bandar Puteri Puchong known as Sisters Curry Laksa (SEA Park). This restaurant is operated by the son of one of the sisters, using the curry recipe of this stall. I have not visited the Puchong outlet. If I do, I will blog it. In spite of the new business, the sisters still run their stall in SEA Park.

I am quite avid about curry mee. I enjoy this uniquely Malaysian flavour. I have tasted curry noodles in many other places around KL, PJ and Subang Jaya. I did not come across one that I really liked until the sisters. Good curry noodles are mainly in Ipoh and Penang. Sisters is one stall that I have returned, again and again. The noodles come with the normal chicken shreds, see hum (cockles), tau fu pok and some long beans. The curry is aromatic and rich. They do not use too much santan (coconut milk) which is good. I do not like curry noodles that is saturated in santan.


There is however one exception that I find with the sisters. They are not very consistent. The flavour of their curry vary with the crowd. On weekends when they are busy, the flavour deteriorates. On my last Monday morning visit, it was superb.


The sisters also serve a good beef soup. You can have the beef soup with noodles. You can have the beef with the curry noodles. Or you can just have a bowl of beef soup without noodles. It is quite expensive. I ordered a bowl of beef soup for the purpose of this blog - just to take some pictures. It was RM10 for a small bowl. But it was nice. There was meat and tripe and tendons. Very delicious. However it was somewhat out of place with the curry noodles.

We used to bring our own mint leaves (which they sadly do not provide) and roast pork (for added flavour) when we go for our weekend bowls of sisters curry mee. And whenever I am there, it is always the big bowl for me. One of the small pleasures in life.

Next destination - Bandar Puteri Puchong.

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