Tuesday, September 21, 2010


This is my favorite yong tau fu (釀豆腐) place in PJ. The name is Restoran 3A Yong Tau Foo & Cheong Fun. It is located just 2 doors from Green View on Jalan 19/3 in Section 19 PJ. I have visited this place many times and often had to drag my wife along as she is not too fond of YTF.

The place is always jammed during lunch time. It is pork free and I have seen Malaysians of various ethnicity eating in this place.

They serve 15 different types of YTF here. Beside them, they also offer a limited selection of chicken, fish and vegetables dishes and various preparations of noodles.

The YTF, sold at RM1 apiece, are generously stuffed. There are the wet and the dry varieties. My personal favorite are the stuffed long beans. They are not commonly available elsewhere. The long beans are crunchy and fish paste is thick and springy. And of course, there are the ever popular crispy stuffed fu chuk (腐竹) and sui kow (水饺).

They offer various types of noodles to accompany the YTF. The noodles may be in clear soup, kon lo (干捞),  curry or fried. The curry in this shop is not bad at all. I enjoyed it.

I liked the stir fried glass noodles too.

And of course the chee cheong fun (猪肠粉). It comes with some crunchy deep fried dried shrimps and shallots. Very delightful. You have the choice of having it in curry or in chili and sweet sauces.

Or you can opt to have rice. For that they have some chicken dishes, vegetables, assam fish and Thai style tau fu. I have seen a lot of people having the honey chicken which to me, was quite ordinary.

Last but not least, their desserts. They have various tong sui (糖水) on different days of the week. On Saturdays, they have a really nice bubur cha cha which I like very much. There are sweet potatoes, yams, beans, etc in it. The bubur is creamy and rich in santan. This bubur cha cha is highly recommended.

3A YTF is opened at 11.00 am daily. On weekends, they are available one hour earlier at 10.00 am. They stay open for dinner. However, I feel they food they serve is more for lunch.

For YTF lovers, this place is definitely worth a visit.

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