Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fish & Noodle House

I had been eying this fish head shop for quite some time, but did not get to patronize it. When we finally did, I could not help but compared it to Guo Lou Choy on every aspect of the makan experience.

The Fish & Noodle House is located on Jalan SS 20/11 in Damansara Kim, PJ. It is adjacently opposite the Damansare Kim branch of the Extra Super Tanker. It is rather small and plainly furnished, with simple tables and stools that are not very comfortable.

Unlike Gou Lou Choy, the menu here is very limited. It offers just a small variety of fish head, fish fillet and salmon noodles and rice. The side dishes are also very limited.

We started the meal with some chrysanthemum tea with some wolf berries (枸杞) in it. It was nice and refreshing.

My wife had a bowl of fish head mee hoon with milk. The fish head was deep fried. Like Guo Lou Choy, there was an option whether to have the fish deep fried or otherwise. The serving was not as generous as Guo Lou Choy.

I decided on the fish paste (鱼滑) noodle without milk. There was a paltry 3 pieces of fish paste. The noodle serving was small. But the soup was really nice and tasty.

We had a plate of blanched choy sum (菜心). It came devoid of any sauce - just some sprinkling of fried shallots. I guess it is meant to be eaten with the noodles and soup.

To me, the jewel in the crown of the meal was the fried fish skin. It was a tiny plate of extraordinarily crispy fish skin that was so delightful to munch. If you are ever in the Fish & Noodle House, just do not forget this side dish. I could not find this in Guo Lou Choy nor in any other makan place in Klang Valley. It was one of a kind.

The meal was quite enjoyable. Being the glutton I am, I only lament on the limited menu selections and the small servings in this makan place. I could not find very much difference in taste and flavor between this place and Guo Lou Choy. But I think I like GLC better. The fish in GLC come in more generous portions.

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