Sunday, September 26, 2010

Healthy soups

To the Chinese especially the Cantonese, soup is a very important component of a healthy diet. The Cantonese take their soups very seriously. They boil and double-boil for hours to extract the goodness of the ingredients they use. Often sons and daughters are summoned back home by their mothers for their regular fill of thong sui (汤水).

Well, perhaps you need not go back to mum for that after all. For in Plaza Damas in Sri Hartamas, there is this nice small restaurant that specializes in soups. All types of it. The place is known as Ah Yip Herbal Soup. It is located on the second floor of Plaza Damas on Jalan Sri Hartamas.

They have a wide variety of soups in their menu. The most humble is sold at RM15 while the mighty wild ginseng and cordyceps soup is at a whopping RM88 per shot. 

The function of each soup is written in the menu. Some are for general health while others are very specific - for the skin, for the various organs of your body and even for the manhood.

Beside soups, the place offers rice, noodles and various meat and vegetable dishes. That is most logical. A soup is always taken with a meal and over there, you have everything that mum would want you to have. They have a very reasonable set offering. You order your soup and for an additional RM3, you get a set meal of rice, chicken and vegetable. Very wholesome indeed.

Or if you prefer noodle, they have a good selection too. Most of them are served in good nourishing herbal soups that are not only beneficial to health but very delicious too.

And of course desserts. What meal is complete with some sweet? For that Ah Yip offers some nourishing natural desserts. Like this bowl of snow fungus (雪耳), longan (龍眼) and lotus seeds (蓮子).

Even drinks they serve are healthy. No frizzy drinks that mum disapproves. They serve fresh fruits juices or traditional Chinese drinks like this boiled sugar cane (竹蔗水).

So... Go ahead. Call mum. Tell her not to worry. Tell her you will be well taken of and will have your fill of thong sui (汤水) and everything good.  Ah Yip is available in 8 locations in the Klang Valley - in City Square Complex, Plaza Low Yat, The Mines Shopping Fair, The Summit in USJ, Kompleks Mutiara in Jalan Ipoh, First World Plaza and the Pavilion. Find one near you.

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