Sunday, September 12, 2010

Lorong Seratus Tahun

If you are in PJ and dying to have some good genuine Penang makan, this is probably not the place to come to.

The place not to go is Lorong Seratus Tahun (One Hundred Year Lane or 百年路). It is located in Jalan SS 2/66 in the SS2 town centre, PJ. It professes to serve authentic Penang cuisines, but after having visited the place a number of times, I really do not feel it lives up to what it proclaims.

It apparently got its unusual name from a famous curry mee stall in Penang, which is located in a lane that carries the same name off Jalan Anson. Thus this shop is supposedly good for the curry mee and whether or not it has any connection to the famed stall in Penang, I really do not know.

At our last visit, we noted a total makeover of the restaurant. It has a new interior and new furniture. In the previous set up, they had some mickey-mouse seats that were neither chairs nor stools and were very uncomfortable to be on. Now they are proper chairs and the decor is much more pleasing.

We did not have the curry noodles during this visit, so I do not have any visual to show you how it looked like. But believe me, I had tried it on previous visits and it was not great.

This time I opted for the char koay teow and it was not great either. It was rather mushy and overdone. The taugeh was over cooked and the prawns were burnt. It was nothing like the CKT you get in Penang.

The bowl of  fishball koay teow looked and tasted very ordinary. It came with a couple of ordinary fishballs, slices of fish cake and shredded chicken. The soup was not sufficiently sweet and tasty. 

The lemon chicken was served with rice, a sunny-side-up egg and some lemon sauce. I tasted the chicken. It was not bad. But I thought the whole thing was rather dry.

We had a plate of assorted lobak and this was how it looked like. It was less than ordinary and was not good. I did not enjoy it. The only thing I savored was the century egg and the pickle ginger.

The sotong kangkong came totally covered with grounded peanuts. I like the peanuts. The sauce was not bad. I guess it wasn't too bad a dish.

The Penang chee cheong fun (猪肠粉) was not bad at all. It was served with a generous sprinkling of fried shallots and sesame seeds. I guess this was my favorite dish in the whole meal. 

All in all, it was not too bad a meal. We may probably return for more. But Penang authenticity? I have to differ. There are definitely other makan places in the Klang Valley which would do more credit to Penang.

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