Sunday, March 07, 2010

Home cook challenge

Three guys and a gal took up a challenge to cook a meal for their parents, uncles and aunts. There was some reluctance at the beginning but with some persuasions and money on the table, they got moving. The guys were KG, and brothers BW and BE. WY was the only rose. They age from 22 to just 17.

Four amateurs cooking for 11 people for the first time. That seemed like a daunting idea. Would it be a case of too many cooks? I could see some quiet serious discussions amongst them. And they finally appeared to have their plans, the menu and their roles defined. It was apparently agreed that each of them would be responsible to cook one or two dishes.

On the morning of the meal, I understand they were at 1U for the marketing. They wanted to do everything from scratch - no canned stuffs, no tar pow, no pre-prepared off the shelves. I was not around during the cooking so I cannot write too much about it. But I do have a couple of pictures of the process.

I promised to blog the meal but was soon apprehensive. I wasn't sure what I would write if the meal did not turn out right. I mean... they would probably cook their hearts out. And they read my blog. How would I write an honest review without hurting some young feelings. But my fear turned out unwarranted. They did cook up a storm.

The meal was served in courses. I was impressed. The first was a mushroom soup, made from fresh mushrooms. BE, the youngest, did the soup. It was good. We enjoyed the smooth texture and the flavour was adequate. The soup was served with home baked garlic bread. Superb.


Then the salad was served. It was cauliflower and broccoli in mayonnaise dressing with some ham. WY made the salad. Delicious.

The chicken was grilled by BW. It was marinated with mustard and some other things I do not remember. It looked great - nice golden brown. It was done just right, not too dry and the meat was tender and succulent. It tasted very good.


KG made the pasta. It was spaghetti bolognese. It was with minced chicken instead of beef. The sauce was made from scratch - no canned or bottled spaghetti sauce or puree. It was very good but I found the minced chicken rather coarse. I would had preferred beef.

Red wine was served with the meal. Complete.

BE at 17 is quite accomplished at pastries. I have tasted his cheese and chocolate cakes and they were very good. For dessert, he made a lemon yogurt cake, topped with blueberry jam and served with a vanilla strawberry ice cream. The cake was slightly dry but the combination with the jam and ice cream overcame the small hitch. It was good.

It was great meal. Compliments to the chefs. I couldn't cook like this when I was their age. I still can't.

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