Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Mega roti canai

My wife and I chanced into the Warung at the Mid Valley Megamall when we were looking for her sister who did not have a mobile phone on her. In a place like the Mid Valley, she was like the proverbial needle. How did we get by in the days before mobile phones? We decided to rest our feet and settled down for a teh tarik at the Warung. And while we were at it, we also decided to share a roti canai. The roti canai was so very good. We loved it and ordered another piece.

That was about 3 months ago - before I started this blog. I told my wife that we needed to go back to the Warung, to take some pictures and to blog their roti canai. Last weekend, we made the trip.

The Warung is located on the 1st floor of the Mid Valley Megamall. It is tucked at a corner, away from the hustle and bustle of the shopping complex, near the exit towards Northpoint outside the FOS (Factory Outlet Store) and the Rotiboy outlets. It is like any typical Malay warung selling various kuehs, rice, soto, mee, mee-hoon, nasi lemak, drinks, etc. It has simple kampung tables, stools and benches that are not meant to be overly comfortable.

We ordered 2 teh tariks - kurang manis,  2 packets of nasi lemak bungkus and of course, 2 roti canai. The teh tarik came in glasses. It was not sweet - just as we had ordered.


The nasi lemak bungus were charmingly kampung.  It was not too big and had the usual sambal, egg, kacang and nice crispy ikan bilis. Very good.

The roti canai was the raison d'etre for our presence in Mid Valley, and it did not disappoint us. The roti was good - just like how it was several months back. It was crispy on the outside and nice and soft inside. It was indeed very well made. The roti normally comes with dhall. On that day, they did not have the dhall. The curry they provided as alternative was just as good.

They do not make the roti there. We saw no such activity at the Warung. I believe they were made elsewhere and re-heated when we ordered them. They would have tasted even better when freshly made. I wonder where they get their supply.

I guess it is a little overboard to drive to Mid Valley just for the roti canai like we did. But if you are there, and your feet are tired and you would like some peace and quiet from the maddening shopping crowd, I would recommend the Warung - not just for the roti canai but for everything that you don't normally get in a mega shopping centre.

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