Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Rocket United

I am not professing my political inclination here. We made a trip to Kafe Rocket United totally out of curiosity. We had heard so much about this apparent DAP establishment. We had passed by the place many times. We just wanted to see what the food was like.

Rocket United is located on Jalan SS 2/63, opposite the SS2 hawker centre and playground. It is on the same row of shops as the SS2 Maybank. There is a distinct DAP atmosphere in the cafe and the political undertone is unmistakable. As you walk in, you see a big DAP rocket rising from the floor up the wall. Beside it, is a rack selling English and Chinese versions of the DAP Rocket newspapers.

Further in, you are greeted by a huge picture of Lim Guan Eng and Anwar Ibrahim....

... and framed photos of various opposition personalities.

Even the menus are not spared. There are several political pictures in the menu including one of Lim Guan Eng being arrested over the Malacca CM fiasco.

I was told you can even register to vote here. They also sell various DAP merchandise.

Political affiliation aside, the food in this cafe was.... terrible. It was one of the worst places we have eaten in.

The nasi lemak arrived in a gigantic plate, with the normal serving of rice, generous portion of rendang chicken and an over dose of sambal. The rendang was not so very authentic. The taste was not complete. It lacks the flavour of daun limau purut (kaffir lime leaves).

The Korean spicy seafood nissin noodle was not at all appetizing. It was bland and was more like a bowl of poorly made instant noodles. It had an egg, some shrimps and pieces of fish cake. Our home cooked spicy maggi mee would had tasted better.

The Muar otak-otak was ok. Not too bad in taste. But the portion was very meager. They came wrapped in coconut leaves. The fish paste inside was thin as paper.

I had the curry laksa. That was the worst of our orders. It took a long time to arrive. I didn't know why it took so long. I would think that the curry laksa would be quick to dish out since the curry would had been pre-prepared. When it finally arrived, it was one big bowl of disappointment. Absolutely the worst curry laksa I have ever tasted. It was like noodles in a bowl of santan (coconut milk) with hardly any flavour. One sip of the curry and a spoonful of noodles, I was ready to put it down. I had to add in some of sambal from the nasi lemak to make it slightly more palatable. Eventually the bowl was largely left uneaten.

The place was not very patronized that day and I could see the reason why. After a meal like that, I don't think we would want a second visit.

I left the cafe totally convinced that politics and food cannot mix. I really thought that the guys at Rocket United should have stuck with politics.

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