Sunday, January 17, 2010

Disappointing bak kut teh.

I was half a mind whether to blog this bak kut teh place in Klang. To start with, they are not that good. They are also quite expensive and they do not serve dry bak kut teh. Yes, I was looking for dry BKT (without soup) which is now quite popular.

The shop in question is the Restoran Kuala Pulai (Claypot) Ba Kut Teh. It is at one end of Jalan Batai Laut 5, Kawasan 16, Taman Intan at the outskirt of Klang. This particular area has lots of BKT shops and Kuala Pulai was the 3rd I have patronized. There is another shop in the same area which I like more. I will blog that when I next visit it. Perhaps I will be able to tell you more about dry BKT.

I went to Kuala Pulai one morning for brunch with my daughter, nephews and 2 young ladies from Singapore. Table for seven - three boys, three girls and one old man. We had a choice between this shop and another next to it. Because there was considerably more people here, we thought this would be a better option. But...


I ordered BKT for 6 people - with everything - lean meat, fatty meat, trotter, tripe and intestines.
The waitress asked if I wanted to "kar liew" (add on). They had fishballs, straw mushrooms and pork tendons.
"OK. Kar everything"

"What about chicken feet?" asked the waitress.
"Guys," I asked the youngsters, "do you eat chicken feet?"
"Yeah.. yeah." Surprisingly the girls nodded too.
Chicken feet it was.

I also ordered a vegetable. Decent looking but turned out to be least popular. Meat eating carnivours!

The BKT came in 2 pots. They were just so-so.  Not to my expectation. The meat was chunky. The soup did not have enough oomph. Two big bones occupied a lot of the space in the pots. A lot of tripes but I could not find any intestine. I preferred the fu-chok and the tau fu pok and was searching the pots for them. And of course the yew char kueh. The added-on fishballs were disappointing - soft and flaccid. The tendons were good - perhaps the saving grace.

The chicken feet were just ordinary and somewhat out of place. I didn't know why we were having chicken legs with BKT. The vege... well, it wasn't too bad but we were there for meat.

Still, the pots were empty at the end of the meal. The guys (and gals) could really eat.

All in all, not a fantastic experience. The damage - RM135. Would I go back again? Highly unlikely.

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