Monday, January 11, 2010

It is not Chinese croissant

I love yew char kueh. It is such a simple food and yet so very good. Especially when they are freshly fried - hot from the pan - so crispy on the outside and yet so soft inside.

YCK can be enjoyed in so many ways. Perhaps the most traditional is with kopi-o. A nice hot cup of thick old fashion kopi-o. Dip the YCK into it. Yum. It has to be the original kopi-o. Not instant coffee.

We can also eat it with porridge. Soak pieces of the YCK into meat flavored porridge. Another yum. We can re-fry it - stuffed with meat and fish paste - like how they do in some yong tau fu joints. Or eat with curry sauce. And yes... with bak kut teh. Let it soak up the BKT soup. 3 yums! Or... you can even eat it on its own.

There are only 3 places I know of in PJ and Subang Jaya where I can get YCK. There is a stall in the SS2 hawker centre on Jalan SS2/61, PJ. I do not frequent that place, so I really do not know very much about the YCK there.

There is another stall also in SS2. It is outside the Lim Mee Yoke coffee shop (formerly known as Cheow Yang) on Jalan SS2/6. His YCK is really quite good. He sells only in the morning. But he is quite irregular in opening his stall. A lot of times, he is not there. And because of his popularity, we often have to wait in queue for quite a long time. Also, the guy is quite cocky. I do not like to buy from him.

Nowadays I tend to get my YCK at a stall on Jalan USJ10/1D in Subang Jaya, between the Sin Kong and Nanking coffee shops. It is just across the road from the USJ PappaRich kopitiam, which I wrote on in my last posting. Often, I buy the YCK from this stall to eat in PappaRich.

The YCK there is very good. They are sold at 70 sens a piece.

The stall also sells different types of fried food - hum chim pian, cucur udang, white carrot kueh, spring rolls, etc. I have not tried them but they all look delicious.

I have tasted different versions of YCK in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing and Singapore. I still find ours in Malaysia the best. Some people describe YCK as Chinese croissant. It is a absolute misnomer. They don't look alike. They don't smell alike. They don't taste alike. I have nothing against the French pastry. In fact I like it too. But really, there is no comparison. I love our YKC a hundred times more.


  1. hhmm which stall did you take your bkt picture from?

  2. The BKT was in Klang. Will be the subject of another posting later.