Monday, January 04, 2010

The roast lamb was awesome!

My 3 nephews are back from Australia. During the new year weekend, my brother and wife held a makan party for their sons and nephew. What a feast it was. The highlight was undoubtedly the lamb.

There is this catering outfit that goes around roasting lambs for house parties and company functions. They only do lambs and nothing else. If you need other makan and drinks, you will either have to make it yourself or engage a separate caterer.

The lamb takes nearly 4 hours to be roasted over a very slow fire. The lady, Mrs Wong came with all the utensils and the marinated lamb at about 3.30 pm. She roasted it just outside the house. At about 6, the sky opened up rather heavily. But Mrs Wong was fully prepared. She had a big umbrella and the lamb was not affected one bit by the downpour.

Thankfully the rain stopped at about 7.30 when the roast was just about ready. The final product was a golden brown deliciously looking sight. The aroma was salivating.

As Mrs Wong started to carve the lamb, we gathered around eager for the first bites. And it was fabulous! The lamb was dripping hot. The skin  was crispy.  And the meat was tender and succulent. The lamb tasted especially good when it was hot from the grill.

We went for it - piece after piece. The 2 best parts of the lamb was the shoulder and the ribs. The shoulder meat was so very succulent. And the ribs, like all ribs, were so very delicious.

Overall, the meat was not so gamey. I wish it was because I prefer lamb and mutton to taste and smell more gamey. Even my wife who does not normally eat mutton or beef found it to be OK and had her fair share of the feast.

According to Mrs Wong, a lamb is enough to feed 20 to 25 people. If other food is available, it is enough for 40 to 45. We had a whole lot of other makan. It was kinda pot-luck. Almost every guest brought a dish. At the end of the night, there was a lot of tar pows to take home.


The company doing this roast is Jee Lin Catering. Mrs Wong who is the proprietor is contactable at 012-6900061. She told me that they roast about 60 lambs per month. Her weekends are always full. On busy days, she has 2 to 3 teams roasting at different locations.

You can choose either an Australian or a New Zealand lamb. Each lamb cost about RM730. The NZ animal costs a little more. Why? I really don't know.

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