Thursday, January 07, 2010

PappaRich kopitiam

PappaRich is a chain of restaurants serving good Malaysian food. I believe it is a franchise chain. It is among the many restaurants chains the have sprung up capitalizing on the Malaysian kopitiam concept. Of the many kopitiam chains - Old Town, Old Taste, Uncle Lim, Station 1, Kluang Station  etc -  I like PappaRich best for its taste, menu variety and food authenticity. 

According to its websute, there are now 27 PappaRich outlets mainly in the Klang Valley. The place we most frequent is the one at USJ Taipan in Subang Jaya. This outlet is located in a corner shop on Jalan USJ10/1D. It offers a favorable dining ambiance with soft lights and oldie music which, to me is very conducive to a quiet meal.

Our latest experience at this outlet was a few days ago. We were there for breakfast. The place, as usual was quite crowded.

I had the curry mee. The bowl came with pieces of chicken, see hum, tau fu - the usual stuff you find in any bowl of curry mee, plus a some mint leaves. The curry was nice and thick - rather rich in santan. It was a bit sinful. But heck, it tasted good.

My wife had her usual plate of char koay teow. I don't often see her having char koay teow in other makan places. In PappaRich, this was probably her 3rd time. So I guess it must be good. It certainly looked very authentic - the usual prawn, see hum, taugeh, chives and egg. I had a taste of it and I could understand why it was her 3rd.

The nasi lemak was also very good. It came with a good portion of chicken in curry, egg, ikan bilis and kacang. The rice was fragrant. The curry was lemak. The sambal not so hot. Nothing to complain on.

The roti kulit bakar with kaya and margarine is one of my favorite. They use traditional coffee shop bread. The kaya and margarine were in generous portions. I like the texture of the toasted kulit.

We also had a Pappabun - a bun with with kaya and margarine. All that together with drinks - coffee, tea, barley - came up to be just over RM64. It is really not that expensive considering the ambiance they offer.

PappaRich's menu offers a wide variety of food that suits breakfast, lunch, dinner, and in-betweens. They have a variety of noodles. Besides the curry mee and char koay teow, they also have Ipoh hor fun, wet and dry noodles, laksa and prawn mee.They have various rice selections - nasi lemak, fried rice and chicken rice. Their bread selection is impressive - a complete combination of kopitiam varieties. They even offer dim sum, although the variety is very limited and are mainly vegetarian.

Their drink selection has almost every thing you want from a kopitiam. Their desserts look absolutely tempting in the menu. They have ABC, cendol, sago, tau fu fah, ice creams - all Malaysian. I have not tried any of them. Will have to one day.

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